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The main heroes of the country are not the movie stars or the cricketers who have millions hooting for them. The real heroes stay outside the eyesight of the common people and lay down their lives for the protection of the motherland. Yes! The members of the armed forces or the soldiers Bharat ke Veer are the real heroes of the country.

Bharat ke veerWhen a soldier dies on duty, a dark cloud looms large on their families. The cloud is that of economic insecurity. The salary of the common soldiers is not much and so is the compensation that their families get after the death of the soldier. With the newly launched app and portal named Bharat Ke Veer, the government urging the common people to extend a helping hand towards eliminating the economic troubles of these families. All the details of the scheme are available on the official portal and one can check it out by logging in to

Launch Dates and Details of Bharat Ke Veer Portal App

The designing and the development of the application and the portal have been done by the National Informatics Center, popularly known as the NIC. The official announcement and the inauguration were done on the 9th of April, 2017. The declaration came from the Union Minister of the country, Mr. Rajnath Singh. The Union Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Kiren Rijiju and the loved Bollywood star Akshay Kumar were also present on the occasion.

Beneficiary Or Eligibility For the benefits Under Bharat Ke Veer Portal

All families of all those soldiers who have lost their lives on the line of duty will be the main beneficiaries of the scheme. All members of the Central Para Military Force and the Central Armed Police Force will also be included under the scheme. The following sections of the armed forces have also been included under the scheme: Border Security Force (BSF), Assam Rifles, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Indo – Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP), National Security Guards (NSG), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF – India.)

Purpose of the Bharat ke Veer Portal

The main aim of the government behind the launch of the portal and the application is to provide financial security to the families of the soldiers who laid down their lives in the service of the motherland. The portal will urge the countrymen to donate generously so that these families do not suffer for the lack of money.

Bharat Ke Veer Official Portal

Main features of Bharat Ke Veer Portal

To understand the purpose of creation of the Bharat Ke Veer website and application, one needs to take a look at the salient features of the scheme. The following points will highlight the motive of the central government:

  • The application and the website has been designed in such a manner that anyone will be able to make monetary contributions towards the family of one or more soldiers who dies on the line of action.
  • The selection of the family will depend on the preference of the person making the donations. The donor will be able to select the dead soldier or soldiers and make the money transfer accordingly.
  • The donor will be able to take the help of the online portal or the application and transfer a maximum of Rs. 15 lakhs in the account of one soldier. If the donor wants to transfer more money, then the surplus will be stored in the pool account and it will be divided equitably among the ones who need it the most.
  • Once the donor has made the monetary donation, the government department, responsible for the operation of the app and the website will immediately transfer the amount in the soldiers’ family accounts.
  • The pool account that will be maintained by the department will also make sure that the extra amount, which gets accumulated, will be divided among the families, which have not received any contributions.
  • Both the application and the portal will provide the donor will the choice of making a monetary donation in the name of one particular dead soldier. If they do not want to do that then they can make the donation in the corpus fund.
  • The responsibility of monitoring the pool account will be placed on the shoulders of an elite committee. The members of the committee will be selected among high placed and older people who have served the government.
  • While making the donation, if the amount is more than the specified amount of Rs. 15 lakhs, the website of the application will generate an alert for drawing the attention of the donor. The alert will urge the contributor for channelizing the funds in other ways too.

How to Use The Bharat Ke Veer Portal

The interested candidate will have the option of using either the website or the application for making the donations. The following steps will assist the interested donor in making their contribution:

  1. First of all, the person willing to make the money transfer for helping the families of the dead soldiers will have to click on the official link of the portal ( or click on the application icon to activate the process.
  2. Once the home page of the portal has been activated, the interested donor will have to bring the mouse pointer on the button that has been marked as “Enter.” It will activate the next step.
  3. After this, the donor will have to decide whether they want to make a monetary contribution to the mane of any particular soldier or contribute the amount in the pool account. Accordingly, he/she will have to click on the “Bravehearts” (for specific soldier) or the “Bharat ke Veer” (for pool fund) links.
  4. If the donor wants to contribute towards the account of a particular soldier, then they will get the name list as soon as they click on the “Bravehearts” link. The donor will be able to initiate a search by typing the name of the soldier in the search engine tab. Photographs of the deceased soldiers are also displayed on the site.
  5. After this, the donors will have to type in their personal details like the name, current mobile phone number and the e-mail address. They will also have to type in the amount that they want to contribute.
  6. The website will urge the donors to click on the button that has been marked as “Generate OTP.” Once the button has clicked, the OTP will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number.
  7. After typing in the OTP in the proper file, the donors will have to click on the button that has been marked as “Submit.” In case the donors have changed their mind, they will have to click on the button marked as “Go Back.”

Banking support For the Bharat Ke Veer Program

The banking support to the entire scheme has been provided by the biggest nationalized bank in the nation, State Bank of India (SBI). The accounts will be maintained and the transactions will be monitored by the SBI servers.

With the implementation of the scheme, the government has tried to provide the kin of the dead heroes of the armed forces with the much-needed financial support. These heroes laid down their lives for the countrymen. Now, it is time that the favor is returned and their sacrifices are honored in the best ways possible.

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