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The Juvenile justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 defines a child as one who is below 18 years of age.



"Crime" is any specific act prohibited by law committed by a juvenile for which society has provided a formally sanctioned punishment.



Juveniles are different from adults and juveniles who commit criminal acts are treated differently from adults.

Separate courts, detention facilities, rules, procedures, and laws are created for juveniles with the intent to protect their welfare and rehabilitate them, while protecting public safety.


Learn value education seriously in the school:


The dinner should be taken on dinner table as a family affair and not in front of T.V. watching movies.

Try to enhance communication with your family members. Too much affection or complete neglect by busy parents should not be taken adversely

Do not emulate yourself with the affluent class Children’s. Do not pressurize your parents for buying expensive things which are beyond their financial capacity

Do not get impressed by seeing in the movies criminals getting away scot-free after committing a crime. This is not possible in the real life

The study pressure and performance anxiety should not create psychological tension in your mind. Remain calm and work hard for achieving your desired goals in studies


Failure in School


Failure in school should not result in leaving school permanently. It may reduce your chance of developing social skills that are gained in school, such as learning to meet  deadlines, following instructions, and being able to deal constructively with their peers

Inform your Principal and your parents about any sexual advances / gestures by the conductor of the school bus or by the people while going to or coming back from school

Substance Abuse


Avoid drug and alcohol consumption. They affect your behavior and lower your inhibitions  and make you more vulnerable to engage in criminal activities. You indulged in variety of  offences to pay for drug and alcohol habits. Do not buy anything from the vendors  whom  you don’t know. They may mix drugs into eatables or soft drinks.

Do not fall prey to lucrative job offers given by the people. Their offers may be false and may lead you into the serious traps like prostitution, etc.

Do not fall prey to the gang members who kidnap the juveniles for the purpose of making them beggars.


Gang Membership and Gun Possession


Avoid making friendship with aliens. They may be members of criminal gangs. Do not fall prey to their lucrative offers. They involve you in the commission of serious offences by injecting gun culture in you..

Do not get indulged into hacking as an enjoyment. The cyber space is watched by the Police. Do not sent obnoxious e-mails to anybody. Police can trace you. Do not watch pornographic sites. Your parents can find out which sites you had hooked on to with the help of Police...






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