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Besides noise pollution, which has become a major problem on Indian roads, there is an eternal problem of emission which not only creates unsavory conditions for the drivers on road, but also detrimental to the atmosphere.

Vehicles should be kept in a good condition and drivers should be careful to ensure that their vehicles do not emit smoke, visible vapors, sparks, ashes or oily substances.

From the time a car completes one year, a PUC (Pollution Under Control) check has to be undertaken every six months by all car owners. This can be done at several agencies authorized by the State Government. It is obligatory to carry the PUC certificate (in original) while driving. The punishment for a pollution related offence is a fine of Rs.1000.

Smoke emitted by vehicles is the main cause of pollution - it causes several diseases such as bronchitis, asthma etc.


Petrol Engines

Diesel Engines

Faulty Carburetor

Incorrect Injection and Pump Timing

Choked Air filter

Defective Nozzle

Defective Choke

Choked Air Filter / Exhaust System

Poor Engine Compression

Poor Engine Compression

Adulterated Petrol

Adulterated Diesel











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