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A traffic policeman in uniform has the right to demand your driver's license and inspect your vehicle's documents. He may impound your license if he feels to judge it necessary.

If a traffic policeman gives you instructions on the road, it is your duty to obey them, regardless of what the electronic traffic signals say. When a traffic policeman is stationed at a signal/crossing, he is the final authority.

If you cannot find your vehicle, it is likely that it has been towed rather than stolen. Ask around; local shopkeepers are normally informed about local traffic stations where confiscated vehicles are kept.




Stop your vehicle when a traffic policeman indicates.

You may ask him what is the reason for him to stop you.

Do not argue with the policeman. If you feel there is a genuine argument for you breaking a rule, explain it to him.

If you have committed a mistake, admit it candidly, seek his pardon. He may let you off with a warning if approached with courtesy.

Do not drop names of policemen and influential people.

If the policeman is insistent, show him the required documents, and allow him to take whatever action falls within the purview of his duties.




He may note down the particulars of your license which will be later forwarded to a court. The court will then issue instructions regarding the course of action to be taken; a certain amount may have to be paid as a fine. If you plead guilty and send the requisite amount, the case will be filed; else summons will be sent to you and the case will be judged on merit.

He may impend your Driver's License and issue a temporary license (which lasts only for a stipulated period). You may compound the offence by paying a fine at the police station under whose jurisdiction the license was confiscated. Else you will be provided a notice from the court. If you fail to appear in the court, an arrest warrant may be issued.

If the policeman is an officer of rank sub-inspector or above, you may compound the office on the spot by paying a fine. The relevant receipts will be provided to you.




If a traffic policeman harasses you for illegal gratification, never yield to his demands.

Allow him to impound your license; do not attempt to bribe him even if coerced.

Note down his buckle number/name which will be written on the plate of his shirt. If he does not have one, you may demand his identity card. If he fails to provide an identity card, refuse to give him your documents.

All receipts, temporary licenses will have the name/buckle number of the officer.

You can approach the traffic police with a specific complaint indicating all the particulars about the incident; this MUST include details about the concerned police officer. It is desirable to send this complaint by registered post.






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